What is Diablo II Enriched?

2022-08-19 16:18:48

Diablo II Enriched is a true fan based enrichment mod, the idea was not to change what Diablo II is, but to improve on what was an already great game! Sometimes you need a change from "Vanilla" and so we bring you "Chocolate"

What has changed...

  • There are now over 1200 Unique items compared to the original 400 Unqiues
  • There are now nearly 200 Runewords compared to the original 80 Runewords
  • New end game sets for each class and mercenary
  • Dozens of new Horadric Cube recipes, from Crafting Uniques to Upgrading of Equipment
  • Every class has had a skill overhaul and so have all the mercenaries
  • Dozens of new Super Elite Unique monsters have been added all over Sanctuary
  • Hundreds of map changes such as, increased randomized mazez, random Boss maps, New Town layouts
  • Monsters now have stats of their own, Haste, dodge, avoid, slow, bleed, lifesteal and more (Each monster has a sub description to their name with their special stat)
  • Increased difficulty all the way from Normal to Nightmare, but Hell.. Hell is one place only the most powerful of Heros can venture and therefore you have every available upgrade and found equipment at your disposal!

This mod was completely done without a single hardcode edit, therefore some features you might find in other mods cannot be made available, the reasoning for this was so that the mod would be playable on all version of Diablo II from 1.09 to 1.14, we did not want to limit those who can play and force them to go through extreme setups in order to have fun, the whole point of fun is it should be easy to get started! (See FAQ for installation instructions)

This is still a ongoing project in regards to balance changes and further enrichments in terms of Items, Skills, Monsters, Bosses, upgrades and more Be warned... Diablo still walks the earth of Sanctuary...

Hell Difficulty - Although Normal difficulty is already at a higher level than Vanilla and Nightmare even more so, Hell difficulty provides a whole new challenge to players, monsters are faster, stronger and smarter, there is no room for mistakes and if you venture into the depths of Sanctuary`s Crypts or Diablo`s Sanctuary just be warned, you might quickly find yourself surrounded by the most vicious and unforgiving Undeads and Demons you have ever faced! Creator Note: This project started as a simple desire to increase monster health so that players 8 setting is not required in order to have a challenge and even then it was not :) Some special thanks to the following people!

Phrozenkeep and all their staff - If it was not for Phrozenkeep and their hundreds of Tutorials and explanations on all things Diablo II related, this project could never have taken off, it is the most informative and resource providing site I have ever found in regards to Diablo II modding and mechanics! To all the players who have gone through each update as this project has progressed and kept coming back for each update!

Manichean (Matthew Hodge) - For setting up this amazing website and for being a great friends and as much of a Hardcore Diablo fan as myself :)

Lezardsm (Luciano Magalhaes) - What a great supporter, his feedback and patience has proven its worth in gold a thousand times over.

Bikurimomo - Who is always asking for the next level of change and improvement, even though not all his dreams could have been realized, but hopefully most have!

Nosirrahecurb1 - Who is always giving feedback, reporting issues and providing great suggestions..

Tekkgandy - For all his continious support and feedback, another great source of suggestions :)