Latest Patch 3.8 (Update 5)

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-Mechanics Explained-

125/100 Weapon Damage - This indicates that the specific skills deals 125% of equipped weapons damage before modifiers
75/100 Weapon Damage - This indicates that the specific skills deals 75% of equipped weapons damage before modifiers

Skills - All skills are designed as closely as possible to have scaling in level, in other words, the more points you put into a skill the more effective it becomes NOTE* almost all skill stats are also designed in such a way that once you reach level 21+ in a skill the stats grow exponentially, this applies more so to linear based skills that have damage stats, this linear progression however does not apply to skills with diminishing returns, skills that provide less as they get higher, but in order to fully cap the stats on a diminishing return skill you will still need to reach around skill level 30

Skill Caps - There are no skill caps, skill caps are set to 99 but are limited to the amount of +skill items/jewels/charms that you can carry at full load of a character, all classes have more than enough skill based items to eventually reach very high skill level ranging between 30-45 to a skill, characters with very low skill caps 5-10 will struggle on Hell difficulty as Hell difficulty is balanced around the 10-15+ skill range starting in Act1 and then growing by about +2-5 skill range per Act, so to truly be effective in Act 5 Hell you will need a skill level of around +30-50

Builds - Each class has several pre-designed builds that will allow them to be effective, although players always have their own tastes/style/builds which could be just as effective or even more effective, who knows what builds are still to be discovered, in this update as part of the PATCH notes I will be providing you with at least 2 effective builds for each class as part of a step up or assistance, the builds are not available yet but will be updated on the website during the week.
Spell pierce & monster resistances - Pierce is now able to break monster immunities, it is also still lowers resistances, only once the resistance is broken will pierce apply (This is a vanilla mechanic), however the reason for the increased amount of pierce skills and items are to improve damage and to lower monster resistances as they have all been elevated from the start of the design of the mod, once a monsters immunity is broken only then does pierce take effect, the other reason is also that once a monsters resistance is broken they are still near the max level resistance cap

Unbreakable Resistances - Some monster immunities are harder to break, that is why there are diverse builds and multiple build potentials, in order to compensate, although the amount of unbreakable is very very low, however it is still possible that you will face them.

Progressive Skills - After level 21 stats will work progressively so after 21 they increase massively

Diminishing Return Skills - You would have noticed some skills would like add/do 15% level 1, 19% level 2, 23% level 3, 26% level 4, 29% level 5, 31% level 6, 32% level 7, 32% level 8, 33% level 9 and after that for instance it gain almost no more increase, this is because it is diminishing up to a maximum, that skills internal setting is probably something like 10-35%, so you can reach 35% but will need to be like 10 over the max level of the skill ie 30

Linear Skills - So a level 1 would give you a base and then there is per level, Base would be 50% attack rating and then 10% per level... so no matter how many skills you have in it, it will grow by 10% each level...)

-CORE Skill Change-

This was a very hard decision to make and took me a long time to consider whether or not this should be done, but after much debate and though on the topic, it has finally passed.

Skills will no longer require tree side requirements, all tree now work linearly downward, what does this mean, certain skill pre-requisites have been removed, so you do not need to ake 1-5 skills in a few skills to get to the skill for your build, it seems wasteful that you need to spend 1-5 skills in skills you will never use in order to get the top tier skills for your build.

The other important change is this, all level 30 skills now have a maximum skill cap of 25, this will be checked over the next few weeks for balance and feedback but we feel confident that it will be equally valuable for all classes and builds, the top tier skills are meant to have a slight higher cap because they are somewhat to be considered the strongest in a specific tier by Blizzards logic, logic which for now we will leave untouched, so keep in mind this level 25 cap only applies to level 30 required skills

By freeing up some wasted points in unused skills to get to used skills it should work well with spending those few extra points now in your top tier or other choice of skills

Barbarian skills up to 25
Whirlwind, Berserk, Natural Resistance, War Cry, Battle Command

Paladin skills up to 25
Fist of the Heavens, Fanaticism, Conviction, Redemption, Salvation

Necromancer skills up to 25
Lower Resist, Poison Nova, Bone Spirit, Fire Golem, Revive

Amazon skills up to 25
Freezing Arrow, Valkyrie, Pierce, Lightning Strike, Lightning Fury

Sorceress skills up to 25
Fire Mastery, Hydra, Lightning Mastery, Frozen Orb, Cold Mastery

Druid skills up to 25
Spirit of Barbs, Summon Grizzly, Fury, Armageddon, Hurricane

Assassin skills up to 25
Death Sentry, Blade Shield, Venom, Shadow Master, Phoenix Strike



Act 1-5 Monsters revised, Spawn tables have been slightly adjusted to balance levels inline with Act Zone and difficulty, some monsters might be tougher some easier than before as some were already tougher and some easier due to a error on my part from when i started working on the patch, having a much better understanding of Diablo II internal mechanics it has allowed me to make better judgment on balance changes.

All monsters have now had their tooltips updated to give you a respective idea of their passive abilities much the same way you would see a unique monsters abilities

Please keep in mind that the balance changes will be an ongoing project for fine tuning, Hell is meant to be extremely hard and that is where upgrades come into play, a fully geared and upgraded character should be able to handle Act 5 Hell with fair ease. Remember there are so many options in regards to gear, skills, items, the whole concept is to move away from vanilla easy play and to provide a challenge for players who truly love Diablo II and can accept the challenges that come with it.

Countess- Her loot table was slightly adjusted, unique drop chance reduced by 5-8% to balance out with rune, the guaranteed unique was conflicting with her chance to drop runes and she still has to remaintrue to her status as a rune drop monster

Feel free to report imbalance if you really feel that something is inanely imbalanced, keep in mind that Super Elite Unique monsters are meant to be hard and challenging.

List of monster ability groupings: (These will also be visible under the monsters names)

  • Slows, Internal Bleeding, PSN Length
  • Ethereal, Damage AC
  • Damage AC, Haste
  • No Freeze, Pierce Ltng
  • No Freeze, Haste, Dodge, Balance
  • No Freeze, Crush, Stun
  • Damage AC, Crush, Lifesteal
  • No Freeze, Lifesteal
  • Deadly, Haste
  • No Freeze, Haste, Dodge, Avoid, Balance
  • Pierce Fire, Dodge, Avoid
  • Thorns, Dodge, Avoid
  • No Freeze, Haste
  • Haste, Internal Bleeding, PSN Length
  • Haste, Dodge, Internal Bleeding, Lifesteal, PSN Length
  • Deadly, Haste, Dodge, Homing Attacks
  • Reduce AC
  • Thorns, Dodge
  • No Freeze, Pierce Cold
  • Deadly, Haste, Dodge
  • Haste, Dodge
  • No Freeze, Avoid
  • No Freeze, Thorns, Block
  • Thorns, Internal Bleeding, Drain Stamina
  • Pierce PSN, Cripples
  • Haste, Internal Bleeding
  • Dodge, Avoid
  • Ehereal, Speed
  • Thorns
  • Haste, Dodge, Avoid, Eats nd Spits Corpses
  • Thorns, Ehereal, Damage AC
  • Haste, Internal Bleeding, Lifesteal, Speed
  • No Freeze, Block, Pierce Ltng
  • No Freeze, Avoid
  • Haste, Lifesteal, Balance
  • No Freeze, Dodge
  • Haste, Dodge, Avoid
  • Deadly, Haste
  • Thorns, Frenzy
  • Lifesteal, Slow, Damage AC, Raises Undead
  • Lifesteal, Slow, Damage AC
  • Reduce AC, Haste
  • No Freeze, Pierce Ltng, Block, Drains Mana
  • Dodge, Avoidm Drains Mana
  • Crush, Deadly, Haste
  • Superior Lifesteal, Avoid
  • Haste, Internal Bleeding, Lifesteal, Speed
  • Crush, Deadly, Haste, Heals Zealots
  • Damage AC, Haste, Shocking Hit
  • Damage AC, Haste, Diseased Bite


Base costs of Weapons and Armors increased by 35%, this should also increase repair costs

Base costs of Rune increased by 35%, this affects runeword repair costs

Drop Tables - Drop Tables remain unchanged but the amount of items dropped by bosses have been reduced, in the previous patch boss chance to drop uniques was increased from 70/80% to 100% and therefore to balance between a guaranteed drop and quantity drop the amount of uniques that drop had to be reduced, Super Elite Uniques chance to drop Uniques still remains at 90-95% due to their difficulty

Additional loot tables added that are connected to general monsters, the loot tables allow normal monster a chance to drop set/unique items, the chance is very low but it is possible

New Sets

Class Sets - Each class has now received another mid tier set
General sets - Three new general sets have been added

Class Sets

  • Barbarian - Devastators Advance
  • Amazon - Killmaim`s Dopple
  • Druid - Elemental`s Fury
  • Assassin - Stormrider`s Retaliation
  • Paladin - Sanctuary`s Defiance
  • Sorceress - Spirits Vengeance
  • Necromancer - Reaperbone`s Revenge

General Sets

  • Melee - Darksteel Guardian
  • Ranged - Hunter`s Regalia
  • Caster - Apprentice Garb


6 New runes have been added:

  • Zaka Rune - Weapon: Add 182-364 Elemental Damage (Fire/Ltng/Cold) - Armor/Helm: 10 Elemental Absorb (Fire/Ltng/Cold) - Shield: 5 All Max Resistances
  • Kor Rune - Weapon: 30 Life after each Kill - Armor/Helm: 25 Life after each Kill - Shield: 25 Life after each Kill
  • Sil Rune - Weapon: 20% Faster Caster - Armor/Helm: 15% Faster Caster - Shield: 20% Faster Caster
  • Arat Rune - Weapon: 10 to all attributes - Armor/Helm: 10 to all attributes - Shield: 10 to all attributes
  • Gar Rune - Weapon: Replesnish Life 25* - Armor/Helm: Replesnish Life 30* - Shield: Replesnish Life 35*
  • Tek Rune - Weapon: 2 to All Skills - Armor/Helm: 2 to All Skills - Shield: 2 to All Skills


Added 10 new runewords all of which use some of the new Runes

(More will be added in another update)

  • Runeword - ZakaGar - Armor - Absorbers Threshold
  • Runeword - TekArat - Helm - Psychic Defiance
  • Runeword - KorEthSil - Weapon - Lifestealer
  • Runeword - TekTirSil - Staff - Elementiarc
  • Runeword - KorGarAratZaka - Armor - Onixan
  • Runeword - ZakaOrtLoRalThul - Missile Weapon - Prismitism Aim
  • Runeword - AmnKorDol - Claw - Shadow Phoenix
  • Runeword - ShaelIoAratFal - Sword/Axe - Scarborough
  • Runeword - AmnOhmGulGar - Polearm/Spear - Sanctuary Standard
  • Runeword - IstSil - Wand/Shield - Zakariana

Added 1 new runeword for helms

  • Runeword - BerUmShael - Helm - Vengeance Cranium


(NOTE: Different classes have pronounced stats, example Barbarian gains more life per Vitality where the Sorceress gains more mana per Energy)

All classes now receive slightly increased life per stat point - It has been increased roughly 15-25%

All classes now receive slightly increased stamina per stat point - It has been increased roughly 5-10%

All classes now receive slightly increased mana per stat point - It has been increased roughly 5-15%


The size of inventory has been greatly increased… Enjoy!

Cube Recipes

All the new recipes "level increase per upgrade" is lower than the other standard upgrades, this is to allow greater end game customization over your character

All Cube recipes have had their "level increase per upgrade" lowered, this is to allow players to add more upgrades to their equipment

NEW Recipes for Throwing weapons to increase their stack size
NEW Recipes for Flat damage reduction
NEW Recipes for Increased Health
NEW Recipes for Health Regeneration
NEW Recipes for Mana
NEW Recipes for Mana regeneration
NEW Recipe - You can now transmute 1x Unique Jewels + 1x Rare Jewel to make 1x New Unique Jewel, the original recipe remains unchanged for people who might need an alternative route


Small and Grand Charms - Now have a chance to have faster cast rate on them, low amounts but stacking them gives large amounts, this will long term allow you to switch out for gear more needed without having to hunt or be stuck with certain gear only because of the cast rate it provides Large Charms - Now have a chance to have pierce element Fire, Lighting, Cold and Poison


Rings and Amulets - Now have a chance to have pierce element Fire, Lighting, Cold and Poison
Arrows - Now have 500 stack
Bolts - Now have 350 stack




Town - Added new variations
Graveyard - Blood Raven - Added new variations
Catacombs Level 4 - Andariel - Added new variations
Tower Level 5 - Countess - Added new variations
Den of Evil - Added new variations
Cottages - Outdoors - Added several new variations
Cave Treasure Rooms - Added several new variations, also all TREASURES in these rooms have been increased, so clearing caves has now become MUCH MUCH more rewarding, chests have increased from 1 per cave to 2-4 per cave :)
Crypts - Crypts have now become MUCH more rewarding, crypts now have Armor Stands and Weapon Racks and have had several new variations added
Cathedrals - All Cathderals have had new variations added
Mob Denisty - Increased overall mob density to compensate for map changes


Town - Added new variations
Sewers - Added several new variations
Deserts - Added several new variations
Arcane Sanctuary - Arcane Summoner - Added new variations to the Summoner platform only
Duriels Lair - Duriel - Added new variations
Claw Viper Temple 1 - Increased Mob Density
Claw Viper Temple 2 - Added new variations
Tal Rasha Tombs - Added new variations


Town - Added new variations
Mephistos Lair - Mephisto - Added new variations
Durance of Hate - Added several extra variations (Chests, Weapon and Armor racks added to new variations)
Temples - Added several extra variations
Spider Caverns - Added few variations
Jungles - Added few variations
Travincal - Added new variations
Kurast - Lower/Upper/Bazaar - Added a few extra variations


Mesa`s - All of act 4 Areas have new variations and some of the most powerful and rewarding minnions roam here
Diablo Sanctuary - Diablo - The Center portion, the entrance and each Wing in the sanctuary has also received new variations


Several areas in Act 5 have received new variations, from Bloody Foothills, Frozen Tundra to the Ice Caves
Temple Entrance - Pindle - Added new variations
Baal Throne Room - Added new variations
Worldstone - Now has minnions inside, the original layout has somewhat been altered, added new variations


Wolverine - Had to remove the summon wolves on gethit due to a bug being caused when equiped on mercs (Now instead has a chance to cast Reapers Haste)


Increased starting AC/HP and reduced the amount of experience needed to level slightly


NOTE: All bosses now have Auras
Andariel - Prayer
Duriel - Blessed Aim
Mephisto - Lightning Shock (Already existed in 3.5.3)
Diablo - Holy Fire (Already existed in 3.5.3)
Baal - Concentration


Monster properties were not all working, rebalance and adjusted them, most stay the same, and some have slightly been adjusted for higher stats
Leapers - Fixed the issue that they were not reflecting damage
Tentacle Minnions - Slightly adjusted resistences
Cold Mages - Cold Plains - Reduce the cold damage they deal slightly and reduced their level by 2
NEW Arreat Bone Mages - Replaced some of the skeletons mages in Act 5 with Arreat Bone Mages that do spectral damage and not single element damage
NEW Minnions - A few new minnions have been added to each Act, these minnions are a bit stronger and have reworked AI`s to function differently
AI - Improved the AI for Skeleton Mages
AI - Improved the AI for Bigheaded Lightning Monsters
Updated all monsters to have their respective levels for their difficulty and Act 1-5
Updated all monsters loot tables to their respective Acts 1-5

NEW Monsters - Super Uniques - Beware, they are heavily guarded and extremely dangerous, they have very high chances to drop uniques, be mindful that if you cannot kill them, skip them, come back when you can kill them. (Feel free to report certain issues but I have tested them as much as I can, please remember it has taken so many hours to put all this together, it is impossible to test everything, but if you report issues they can be fixed in time with other patches)

Loot tables are special and have the following loot and % chance to drop, Unique 90%, Set 80%, Rare 70%, Magic Item 60%

These Super Elite Unique Monsters also have a chance to drop Super Charms in Hell, although the chance is Super Low haha

IMPORTANT NOTE: If and when you run into one of these super uniques and they prove difficult, move on, you can always come back later or respec etc, these new mobs are designed to be nearly as hard as bosses and their loot tables are almost as good, this was to provide players with alternatives to farming only single bosses all the time, now it is worth farming world monsters as you never know when you will meet a Super Elite Unique.


Spectro the Spectral Gaul - Has Spectral Hit, Spectral Damage and Ghostly - Minnions are Spectral Chargers`s they shoot very fast and also deal spectral damage, be careful when facing them as they will shoot you down very fast, - Location is random in Act 1

Plasmabone the Multirator - Has Multishot, Fast and Curse - Minnions are Fright Mage`s they shoot very fast and also deal spectral damage, be careful when facing them as they will shoot you down very fast and they repositions themselves, - Location is random in Act ,

Brain Scourge the Drinker - Has Strong, Stoneskin and Random Aura - Minnions are Grey Matter Zombies`s they are your average Zombies but have an average change to deal spectral damage, - Location is random in Act 1

Stormcrow the Piercer - Has Stoneskin, Lightning damage and Lightning on death - Minnions are Stormcrow Casters`s they are smarter than your average crows with ranged attacks that deal lightning damage, - Location is random in Act 1


Quickblade the Swiftsand - Has Random Resist, Fast and Multihit - Minnions are Shivari that have learnt how to use all their arms in order to increase their attack speed, - Location is random in Act 2

Taillash the Blink - Has Random Teleport, Fast and Random Aura - Minnions are Spectral Lasher`s they are veyr fast and hard to get away from, - Location is random in Act 2

Tallsong the Undead Piper - Has Increased Health, Curse and Ghostly - Minnions are Tallsong`s Piper Boxes which summon forth Piper Mummy`s they do spectral damage but are very slow, - Location is random in Act 2

Phasebone the Wildstring - Has Strong, Mana Drain and Berserk - Minnions are Phase Carver Skeletons`s which do spectral damage and are smarter than your average skeleton, - Location is random in Act 2


Sire Spawn - Has Teleport, Random Aura and Multishot - Minnions are Phase Rogues`s (Rogues) which phase in and out of existence, they are very fast and very dangerous - Location is random in Act 3

Frost Skin - Has Cold Resist, Fast and Stoneskin - Minnions are Ice Swingers`s (Zealots) which do cold damage, their cold attacks slow, they are not your normal Zealots who run away when faced with danger, they will stand and fight to the end - Location is random in Act 3

Maul the Fetish Lord - Has Lightning Damage, Strong and Increased Health - Minnions are Maul Flayers`s which stun, they are not your normal Fetish who run super fast they move slow like Maul to keep up with their lord - Location is random in Act 3

Vilespit the Diseased - Has Poison Hit, Poison Death and Ethereal Armor - Minnions are Disease Vilewing`s which charge and deal poison damage, - Location is random in Act 3


Flamescale the Lost - Has Explode on Death, Fire Aura and Stoneskin - Minnions are Burning Scarab`s which have a charge up fire damage attack - Location is random in Act 4

Queen Mother the Vile - Has Teleport, Poison Hit and Poison Cloud on death - Minnions are Queen Mother Guards which spawn Mother Spawnling to help defend her, they can swarm alot - Location is random in Act 4

Demonstorm the Crasher - Has Teleport, Lightning Aura and Lightning Death - Minnions are Storm Callers`s which phase in and out of existence, they are very fast and very dangerous and deal lightning damage - Location is random in Act 4

Spirebone the Watcher - Has Teleport, Fire Aura and Curse - Minnions are Spire Guard`s which have deadly ranged attacks, they are very fast and very dangerous - Location is random in Act 4

Doublechew the Hungry - Has Strong, Random Aura and Fire Aura - Minnions are Ever Hungry`s which eat and spit corpses - Location is random in Act 4

Soullaso the Strangler - Has Fast, Stoneskin and Ghostly - Minnions are Scourge Mages`s which drain mana, they are very fast and very dangerous - Location is random in Act 4


Barksplinter the Quil - Has Increased Health, Stoneskin and Ghostly - Minnions are Splinter Quill`s which do multipile shots and high damage - Location is random in Act 5

Split the Multitongue - Has Increased Health, Stoneskin and Multihit - Minnions are Split Tongue`s which do ranged damage and are very aggresive - Location is random in Act 5

Ghost the Huntress of Arreat - Has Spectral Hit, Random Aura and Ghostly - Minnions are Shadow Stalkers`s whose sole purpose is to defend the Huntress - Location is random in Act 5

Scythe leader of the Cleaver Clan - Has Poison Hit, Strong and Multihit - Minnions are Scythe Cleavers`s which can very quickly swarm you unless you kill their leader - Location is random in Act 5

Hellguard the Fury - Has Fast, Randon resist and Random aura - Minnions are Hell Swingers who are extremely fast and dangerous - Location is random in Act 5

Coldspell the North Witch - Has Cold Aura, Manadrain and Ghostly - Minnions are Frost Imp`s which teleport and deal cold damage - Location is random in Act 5

A few more Super Unique monsters have been added:


Voodishu the Corrupter
Corupnishu the Corrupted One
Enlik The Envoy
Squirewitch the Wild


Snailsnake the Slime


Minios the Scarbringer
Darkmaul Tonguelash

Super Elite Uniques - Their spawns are random in the sense that each area/zone is made up for different tile sets, each map had 2-3 variants of a tile set for a specific zone like cold plains, I have more than doubled the tile sets and therefore added the Super Elite Uniques to spawn on some of these tiles, so sometimes they will be there, other times not...

The new Super Uniques Voodishu and Corupnishu will now spawn where Bishobosi and Rakanishu spawn as alternative types of them.


Greatly increase the chance on 1st kill for Mephisto, Diablo and Baal in Hell to drop Super Charms
Slightly increased the chance for Mephisto, Diablo and Baal in Hell to drop Super Charms

Have fun and Peace everyone!