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What version of Diablo II does this mod work on?

- Diablo II Enriched works on all Diablo II version from 1.10 to 1.14

How do I install Diablo II Enhanced on 1.14?

- In order to play on 1.14, just copy the data folder located inside the downloaded ZIP and paste it in your C:\\Diablo II directory, so it will look like this c:\\Diablo II\data, once you have done this create a short to the Game.exe on your desktop, right-click and select properties then enter the follow at the end -direct -bin, so your exe should look like this in the end "C:\Games\Diablo II\Game.exe" -direct -bin

How do I install Diablo II Enhanced?

Unzip all the files, then copy the MODS folder into your Diablo II diretory - C:\Games\Diablo\MODS

Run D2SE.exe and install, Run PlugY.exe and install

Copy the files from the "COPY TO ROOT DIRECTORY" folder and paste in C:\Games\Diablo\

Right click the D2SE desktop shortcut, go properties and select compatibility, set to "Windows XP Service Pack 2 or 3" and select "Run as Administrator"

I would recommend to do the same settings for all other .exe, like the DiabloII.exe, Game.exe just to avoid any incompatibility issues

Does Diablo II Enriched work with PlugY and D2SE?

- Diablo II Enriched works perfectly with PlugY and D2SE, just follow the "STEP-BY-STEP.txt" guide inside the ZIP folder

Does Diablo II Enriched have Multires?

- Yes it does have Multires, in order to install the Multires just follow the instructions in the "READ ME HOW TO.txt" which will be found in the folder name C:\Games\Diablo II\MODS\D2 Patch 3.0\MultiRES

(NOTE: Multires will only work with the "DDraw" option selected, also run VIDTEST and select DDraw before running the game)